Challenge the body,

challenge the mind.

My passion is to help people be 100% in love with themselves. Self-love, self-empowerment, and meditation are my foundation and a part of my daily practice. Now, let's sweat.

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Allison Forbes

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Private Yoga Instructor
Health & Nutrition Coach
Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

My Services

Yoga on SUP
Lifting Weights
Palm Trees Beach View
Low Calorie Salad


Find me at Salt Spa or reach out about a private yoga sessions. Pro Tip: Ask about meditation services, too!

Personal Training

Set goals for your mind and body with personal training. This includes breathwork and meditation.


Stay tuned on upcoming retreats where we explore the world together.

For adventurous souls only. 


Let's work on fueling your body with whole, yummy foods that are easy to make in the comfort of your home.

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